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Calorie intake becomes excessive because either you have eaten too much or lacked sufficient physical activity to burn away those calories. Calories are burned away through physical activity. More calories are burned with increasingly rigorous and intense activity. That is why exercise is crucial when attempting to slim down.

If you have absorbed these basic concepts then you already know how to reduce tummy. This is not some fad in the market. It's based on actual examples and hard research and evidence. If you want to be healthier and be more attractive, then diet and exercise. Sustain that lifestyle to maintain your abs. It is within your means.

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Most people believe that white rice is a lot better than brown rice, but this is a misinformation. If you do not know, brown rice (ref. glycemic index or GI), is the most balanced among all other cereal grains. The index indicates how fast a specific food elevates the blood sugar level after consumption. Based on this, the lower the index score, the healthier the food is. Brown rice has a lower glycemic index which is 50, compared to 70 of white rice which even goes up when it is boiled.

Based on studies, the occurrence of diabetes later in life is related to high consumption of foods with high GI such as pastries and cakes, carbonated drinks, regular bread, white rice and other foods which are high in carbohydrates. Here are some examples of foods and their glycemic index:

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Of the four areas of health, spiritual health is the most powerful. It is up to you to see that by taking a spiritual approach to the various areas of your life, you can have health in all areas of your life. To see yourself as separate and distinct, to give your power to communicate with divinity away to someone else, and to live as both victim and victimizer is the life you live today, which is not working towards your bliss and internal peace. Good spiritual health is to live within heaven on earth, while poor spiritual health is to live a hellish existence on earth. Both are here and now, and both are within your choice to experience and express.
What do you think of this title? What is health anyway? Do we know what health is?


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My research was really very dangerous because I could find craziness in the human mind. This was exactly what happened: I found a crazy monster. The anti-conscience has a satanic nature, which proves that the human being is Satan himself.We are human beings only up to a certain point. The biggest part of our brain belongs to the anti-conscience, which is a demon. This fact proves the satanic origin of the human being. We have to transform the huge absurd content of our minds into logical and sensitive content. Only then will we become true human beings. We cannot be considered human if we act like cruel monsters, and if the biggest part of our brain is absurd.




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Instead of getting into all the theory about nutrition and why you should eat organic pesticide and chemical free food. Let me say, it just makes sense to me. Try to stay away from as much chemicals and pesticides as you can. Grow your own food if you can and then you know what you are eating. That's why sprouting is so great because you can actually feed your plants sea weed and they will uptake the minerals. Then when you consume the sprouts you will be getting all the trace minerals that your body wants.


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So how does this translate into calorific requirements?

Well, from the conventions of expert nutritionists, the average moderately active man requires 15 calories per pound of Ideal Body Weight, and a sedentary life styled man requires 12 calories per pound of Ideal Body Weight.
For women the requirements are 12 and 10 calories per pound of Idea Bodyl Weight for a moderately active and sedentary life styled person respectively.
There is one other nutritional fact required, that is, 1 gram of consumed dietary fat yields 9 calories.

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It is basically like this, you pick an active activity that you like and you stick with it. It won't be just about losing weight but you will be having fun doing it. When you have fun doing something this will motivate you so you will be doing it more and more. You will be able to shed off those pounds in no time. It is as easy as that!Anyone who is trying to lose weight could benefit greatly from the knowledge of various calorie-cutting tricks. One of the most important factors of weigh loss is healthy nutrition. Without a smart diet plan it is extremely difficult and even impossible to attain your weight goals. That is why, in this article, I will provide you with 8 effortless ways to reduce your daily calorie intake.


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If there are certain snack foods that you really enjoy, do not try to totally cut them out. You will simply overindulge in them when you cannot handle the urge to have them later. Plan these types of snacks into your day, and simply make them snacks that you have once in a while and in reasonable quantities when you do.Keep in mind that simply because certain food items are fat-free does not mean they are calorie free. Whenever checking out fat free snacks, be cautious about how many calories they have and adjust your portions appropriately. It is very easy to think fat-free is "safe" and go way crazy on them.


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The quality of food. Choose low calories food and avoid or lesser junk food. All your fat loss effort shall go down the drain if you cannot ready yourself from having too much junks and processed foods. These foods have high calorie weight and surely will add to your pounds. You should always try to eat healthy. To make sure that you don't give in to some temptations, always make sure you have a considerable stock of raw fruits and vegetables in your house.

Also make sure that you prepare your own meals, so you can decide how much oil to use. Keep in mind the less oil you consume, the better for you.The quantity of foods. Limit your portion, better to eat small portion several times a day rather than eat big portion 3 times a day. It will boost your metabolism more.

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